Updated 9/14/2022

During the CLE training, there are 4 different classes covering 4 major areas of leadership in clubs: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Chair. These are important classes and the material changes from year to year, especially when it comes to accessing KI links and Secretary portal information. One of the categories for a distinguished club is whether or not the 4 positions in the club went through the formal CLE training. If you missed the training, or occupied your office after the classes were complete, then we are giving you an opportunity to visit these classes again through the following links.

To get credit for attendance, you will need to send an email to your Lt. Gov. or Trustee with the date that you viewed the video, with full name and club information – or send an email to Mark Crouch (his contact information is on the last slide of each video) – so that we can enter your participation in the Education Tracker.

President training: https://vimeo.com/749802145

Secretary training: https://vimeo.com/749802231

Treasurer training: https://vimeo.com/749802440

Membership chair training: https://vimeo.com/749802104