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TO: All TX-OK Kiwanians June 10, 2020

During this unprecedented time in our history and in an effort to continue as “normal” as possible, the mighty TX-OK Kiwanis District Board of Directors have canceled the annual district convention. What does this mean? In place of the standard convention, a BUSINESS MEETING has been called of all persons, having the status of delegates-at-large*, to conduct business transactions for the District. In conjunction with this business meeting we will also conduct a VIRTUAL CONFERENCE, a very condensed version of our regular convention.

This will all take place the morning of August 8th, 2020 from 9:00 am to Noon, with the Business Meeting from 10-11 am (more information will follow closer to the meeting/conference). You will be able to see all the activity by clicking on the video link that will appear on the District Facebook Page. Just sit back and watch from your phone, tablet, iPad or computer.

Just think, attend the conference/business meeting in your PJs with no makeup, no travel required, eat good food at home (NCC or No Convention Chicken), no delegate forms to send in, sleep in your own bed and only one morning in duration. What’s not to love?!

Virtual Conference & Business Meeting

9-10 am Memorial Service

10-11 am Business Meeting

11 am – Noon Governor’s Closing Speech,

Installation of Lt. Governors,

Recognitions & Awards

* Delegates-at-Large are the officers and past governors of the district. The officers of the district shall be the Governor, Governor-elect, Immediate Past Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Lieutenant Governor for each division and/or a Trustee for each region of the district. (There will be a secure method to verify/certify delegates. No delegate forms needed.)


Section 8. All officers and past Governors of the district who are active members of a club in the district shall be delegates-at-large to all district conventions.

Section 16. In the event the District Board shall determine by resolution that there exists a condition of emergency that compels cancellation of the annual district convention, the Board shall notify Kiwanis International and district clubs immediately and shall determine one of the following methods to transact any and all business that was to be transacted at the annual convention, as soon as practical. The preference will be to reschedule the convention, if possible, or, alternatively, to call a meeting of all persons having the status of delegates-at-large at district conventions, a quorum of which shall be a majority.]

Robin Meyer

Governor, TX-OK District of Kiwanis Int’l