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Building Campaign

Greetings, Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis Member, We are inviting you to be a part of owning our own District facility and eventually assist your Kiwanis District with no leasing and no debt. The T-O Foundation has made it possible to purchase a new two-story building to house all of our office needs and expand to much greater use. While we lease from the Foundation, our goal is to return the funds to the Foundation over a period of the next 4 years. Once accomplished, your District will finally be relieved of any budgeting for office leasing or payments. This might very well postpone or prevent a need of any dues increase in the foreseeable future. And you can take pride in helping to make it happen.

It is a simple plan. With you and nearly 10,000 other members of T-O Kiwanis, a contribution of just $40 will get the job done. And we target up to four years to complete the campaign. Many believe our membership has enough pride to do this in just one year. But at whatever time period, we become “Finally Free with 40 in 4”. Therefore, we encourage your participation in pledging just $40 over the next four years. Please understand this is strictly VOLUNTARY. There is no requirement to participate.

Your club may choose various methods during meetings to make contributions. You can simply donate a dollar or two weekly or monthly or just write a check for a $10 yearly donation OR just complete the task with a $40 contribution. Checks should be made out to: T-O Kiwanis District.

To send a donation, please click on the link and download the form. You may mail it to the T-O Kiwanis District (address on form). DOWNLOAD FORM.

At the bottom of the page is a spot for your signature once you have made your fair share donation of $40. Then, mail it to the T/O District Office. A RECOGNITION WALL DISPLAY will show each donors name at the new District Headquarters.

FURTHER, your proud club will receive similar recognition in the event of 100 % participation of club members of the $40/member (using the October 1 Kiwanis Int’l certified membership numbers).

Additional Opportunity: You may decide to help further. If you contribute a $200 gift, a permanent brick will be laid in your honor near the entrance of our new building. This could be a great way to pay tribute to people you care about or to leave a “sign” showing you invested in the future of the District! A permanent message can be engraved using 16 characters/spaces per line on three lines. See the download form for more information.


Here are some pictures of our new home in Pantego, Texas!


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