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Club Membership, Guidance & Resources

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 Chair Duties

The membership chair develops new member prospect lists and recruitment opportunities. The membership chair works closely with the president and secretary to plan membership drives and special club meetings for prospective members. The chair sets growth goals with input from the club president, secretary, lieutenant governor, and governor.

Member information form (Note: This can now be done online)
New member application (Note: This can now be done online)
Recruitment brochure
Distinguished criteria
Exit Interview

 Membership Committee

The  committee monitors all aspects of membership, including growth, retention and education—bringing in new members, teaching them about Kiwanis and then ensuring that the member experience meets everyone’s expectations. That’s no small job. You were chosen because you’re up to the task.

Growth, Retention, Education

The Formula: a multiyear initiative designed to strengthen Kiwanis
Club brochures
One-minute speech
Hosting a membership drive
Club growth step-by-step
Achieving Club Excellence
Exit interview
Kiwanis education for membership committee chairmen
Webinars (tutorials & videos)
New-club information form (for new clubs only)
New member application


Public Relations Committee

Is your community aware of the remarkable work your club is doing? Spread the word. The public relations committee contributes directly to the success and growth of your club projects and events—even the growth efforts. Use the resources here to develop media contacts, put together well-written and branded communications, and create a web presence that attracts attention.

Public awareness toolkit
Brand guide & logos
Communications & PR resources
Kiwanis Videos
Club and district web tools
Share your club’s stories with Kiwanis International
The Eliminate Project public relations toolkit


Membership Growth

Building membership one relationship at a time – Replay now
Easy ways to get your club younger without killing your current membership – Replay now
May is Membership Month – Replay now
Pay it forward: Bring Kiwanis to more communities – Replay now
Ready. Set. GROW! Enhance your Growth Potential – Replay now
Retention: Until death do us part – Replay now
Take charge of Kiwanis’ future: Invest in your club today – Replay now
The personal ask! – Replay now
Till death do us part – Replay now
Club Membership Committee Workbook: (click here)

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