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Marketing Materials

For copies of this document, send an email to Marshall at mkregel@hotmail.com. Request the 10×10 doc.


The 10×10 plan for marketing options for your club!

Your club’s marketing and PR programs are important for the health and success of your club. The more people hear about your club and your activities, the more they will be interested in participating with, or joining your club. A marketing plan for a club doesn’t just lump all the marketing and PR efforts into 1 single program, like a website. Instead, take a look at the following options and choose 10 of them. Each part constitutes 10% of your total marketing effort. But, don’t panic!! Start small and build up. Out of your ten choices, pick 2 to start with and add a few new marketing options each year until your club has a well-rounded program over a couple of years.

Determine the demographic that you are trying to reach. If your club is a Golden K club, then your marketing efforts will probably lean towards seniors or retired members with a major push towards Kiwanians who have served in the past. Seniors will take the time to read printed material but may not have a Facebook, Instagram, or a Twitter account. On the other hand, people who are just now getting into the work force or starting a family don’t have as much time to read a brochure mailed to their home. Reach out to them on social media. If you need help setting up or maintaining your social media, contact your district marketing team or enlist the aid of your local Key Club. These kids were born with digital capability. It must be genetic. And…they love to show off!

A well maintained website that focuses on the wonderful projects that your club does in the community. Use lots of pictures and video. Don’t concentrate on pictures of people eating dinner. Rather, include pictures of your club doing service projects. Include the kids too IF you have release forms from the parents first!! A great example of a good Kiwanis website is: https://www.allenkiwanis.org/ The district will help your club revamp or rebuild a website so contact us if you need help.

 Promoting your club on Facebook (look at our webinars!) WE have “clickable” links on the district website or you can contact us at mkregel@hotmail.com and we will send you all the links to our great webinars. One of our marketing team members, Chris Pierce from the Durant Kiwanis Club, did 2 back-to-back Facebook webinars on best ways to use Facebook as a club, and how to add video and events. Facebook is the “Go To” social media platform that will provide the best overall audience for Kiwanis clubs. It definitely exceeds websites for viewership so each club should have an active “club” facebook page, whether or not all the members have their own facebook pages.

Email campaigns. Use MailChimp.Com.  It’s a great program that is not hard on the budget. Collect business cards from every guest to your meetings. Hold raffles where you collect cards, draw one from a bucket, and the winner gets something cool. Mail Chimp allows folks to “opt out” so you won’t spam your audience. MailChimp has great templates and the program makes it easy to add email addresses to your contact list.

A monthly E-newsletter (e as in electronic. And shared via your favorite social media and your EMAIL campaign). Some clubs around the district have great success with their monthly newsletters. If you want to see some good ones, contact us and we’ll send you a few links to look at.

Face to Face (doesn’t mean regular meetings). Get out into the public! Join your local chamber of commerce. Set up a booth at a local event and meet the public. Be a guest speaker for other community groups. Everyone is looking for a good guest speaker. When being a guest speaker, you can tout your business or company but don’t forget to mention all the great things that Kiwanis does in the community!

A signature (or multiple signature) projects that resonate with the community and have very little competition. Don’t just adopt someone else’s non-profit program, create your own identity. Include occasional projects that are easy to start and finish in 1 day, if not a few hours. People are more inclined today to want to see the results of their efforts NOW. Instant Gratification. The Texas Ramps (wheelchair ramp building) always gets lots of volunteers because the team can build an entire wheelchair ramp in just a few hours and the volunteers can see someone in a wheelchair using it for the 1st time.

 A solid connection with your local media. This may include radio, TV, newspaper, your local town’s community newspaper and your town’s community Facebook pages. Include your media choice as a partner in a special project. They want the story and they want the attention too! Sit down with them and offer them a part of the program and lots of promotion on your part. We have a sample news or media release form on file and can send you a copy. We will add it to the marketing section of the district website.

Maintain the Kiwanis Brand on all your communications. KI has standardized the logos and colors for all Kiwanis programs. This creates continuity between the clubs and districts with all using the same logos when in public view.

Include your local Key Clubs, CKI clubs, Builders, K-Kids and Aktion Clubs. These kids and adults would love to participate on a big event and these folks are newsworthy! The SLP (service leadership programs) can be an awesome part of your club’s outreach. Include them in your service projects and fund-raisers and the energy level will increase 200%, guaranteed! We have a great webinar produced in December, 2018, on how to expand your club’s programs with your local Key Clubs. The link is on the district website but you can also request it directly from your marketing chair at mkregel@hotmail.com.

Create your own YouTube video channel and start taking videos of all your creative programs. It’s easy to forward a great video to an audience on your facebook and website pages. Once your club has a YouTube channel, it is easy for members to upload videos straight to YouTube from their phones or computers. Then, the videos can be shared across all your social media platforms or the links can be sent via emails.

Have a small gift (plus membership information) for every guest that comes to one of your meetings. Your district HQ can help you with creative ideas for gifts for guests and special gifts for your guest speakers.

Think “Big Picture” projects like sponsoring a balloon at a balloon fest, or a float in a parade, or a gala dinner for your local Fire or Police Department, or maybe a local veterans group, or an orphanage. Kids Need Kiwanis so try to turn the event into a fund-raiser to help some kids in your community. Invite the public (reservations required), sell tickets, and sponsor a special program aligned with your club projects.

 Develop strong and healthy partnerships in the community. A partnership is a 2-way street. There is give and take on both parts. A partner that just takes and does not give back is more of a charity than a real partner. Perhaps the least that they could do is to become a member of your club, even if they can’t donate money or time to your club programs. (They should also promote the partnership on their social media platforms).

Hold contests. People love to win things! Sponsor a local golf “shoot out” or tourney. Or, do a raffle at one of your gala events. Or offer a prize to each club member that signs up a new member (or 5). Make sure the Kiwanis Brand is prevalent at each event so that people will see it and start to remember it. Banners, shirts, bumper stickers, etc are all ways to show that you are proud of your organization.

Make use of all the free presentation material offered by KI on the International website. They have videos, radio messages, and material on marketing, PR, and they have brochures and membership materials which are free (or inexpensive). Start here: https://www.kiwanis.org/clubs/member-resources

Thank You Notes! Reconnect with your donors and volunteers by sending them a Thank You Note. Would you believe that a hand-written note is more appreciated than an email? Yes! Email notes are great but if you have an address, pick up a pen and jot down a “thanks”. This is a positive practice that all clubs can easily do.

New Club Building. Are you the only club in town? No club can be “everything” to its’ membership. Sometimes projects or programs (like new Key Clubs) come along that might call for a new club. This is a GREAT way to get local publicity, plus you have a partner Kiwanis club to participate in your big events. Your district has a huge New Club building team chaired by Past Governor Susan Hennum. If you would like to know more about building a new club in your area, send her a note at Susan.Hennum@hotmail.com


The Texas Oklahoma District of Kiwanis now has a brand new marketing team that can help you put together a plan for an event or just for your club. Contact Marshall Kregel, Chair, at mkregel@hotmail.com for assistance.