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Marketing and PR

This section updated February, 2020.

  From messaging, social media and staging events, get your club noticed! This is the actual popular Tips and Tools booklet as a PDF file. Click on the pic to open and then download. If you are printing, the booklet is 32 pages long.

Rumor Vs. Reality – Dispelling rumors about meetings or Kiwanis activities. This document goes great with the “objections” document next in line below.

Countering Objections by Potential Members – This doc file gives you some suggestions on how to counter objections commonly given to membership in a club.


Facts and Statistics about the Kiwanis International Organization – this doc file is great to share with potential members and is an absolute necessity when working with the media and sharing facts about us.

Facebook Social Media Contest – Earn some dollars for your club while having a bit of fun with your Facebook messages. Find a post that gets a lot of “shares” and “likes” and your club could win a Visa gift card from the district.

2019-2020 Website and Facebook Page contest – This year we have modified the rules for the website contest and included your club’s Facebook page as part of the judging. This means that your club must submit both a website and a Facebook page for the contest. But, major prizes await!

Good Marketing Strategies for Clubs – this document was part of the 2019 December Ki-Notes and should be shared again.

Club Group Activity: How to share Kiwanis with people who have different perspectives on service

The 10×10 plan for marketing options for your clubYour club’s marketing and PR programs are important for the health and success of your club. The more people hear about your club and your activities, the more they will be interested in participating with, or joining your club. A marketing plan for a club doesn’t just lump all the marketing and PR efforts into 1 single program, like a website. Instead, take a look at the following options and choose 10 of them. Each part constitutes 10% of your total marketing effort. But, don’t panic!! Start small and build up. Out of your ten choices, pick 2 to start with and add a few new marketing options each year until your club has a well-rounded program over a couple of years.

New Club Building. Are you the only club in town? No club can be “everything” to its’ membership. Sometimes projects or programs (like new Key Clubs) come along that might call for a new club. This is a GREAT way to get local publicity, plus you have a partner Kiwanis club to participate in your big events. Your district has a huge New Club building team chaired by Past Governor Susan Hennum. If you would like to know more about building a new club in your area, send her a note at Susan.Hennum@hotmail.com

  OFFICIAL LOGOS AND BRANDING MATERIAL. This link takes you to the Kiwanis International website – branding page where you will find lots of great material.

The Texas Oklahoma District of Kiwanis now has a brand new marketing team that can help you put together a plan for an event or just for your club. Contact Marshall Kregel, Chair, at mkregel@hotmail.com for assistance.