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Thanks for being the Division Club Opener

Let’s Get Charged Up!!!!!!!

Step #1: Preparation (Listen to good guidance by Kiwanians)

– Identify Potential SitesThe Formula logo

    – – Develop a Division-wide list of potential club sites (suggested worksheet)

    – – Research those sites (population changes, united way, schools, civic clubs, etc)    

    – – Identify sites with strong needs (schools, unsupported SLPs, etc.)

-Select best location

    — Form the Team    

           — Lt Governor

           —  Sponsor

           —– Club Opener                   

           — Club Counselor

   – Explore the Community

 –  Order the New Club Opening Kit (click here)

   – Find a Sponsor Club

   – Meet with Community Leaders (click here for video)

   – Submit Update Report for Site (click here)

Step #2: How to Invite (Listen to good guidance by Kiwanians).

– Ensure team knows how to develop rapport with prospects

          — Introduce Yourself
          — Mention person who referred you
          — Ask if they are familiar with Kiwanis.
          — Know how to say things

– Learn how to extend an invitation and ask for them to:

          — Become a charter member
          — Sign a membership application
          — Provide payment for charter member fee.

– Begin with the referral method:

          — Identify two or three leaders of community–
          — Visit is normally made by Lt Governor and Club Opener
          — Talk about service leadership programs and youth needs.
          — Ask them to become a charter member, complete an application, and provide payment for charter member fee.
          — Ask for referrals—who would be the ideal member

          — Assign referrals to recruiters

          — Practice how they will conduct their visit with referral

          — Meet with referrals

                    — Say who referred them

                    — Introduce Yourself

                              —- You are a Kiwanian
                              —- You are organizing a new club
                              —- He or she was recommended for charter membership
                             —- Extend invitation to join
                            —- Ask for referrals before leaving

                    — Plan follow-up meeting

– Plan Recruiting meetings

          — Look for a good location/time
          — Search for a speaker
          — Send an invitation to all referrals and ask them to bring guests
          — Adapt sample agenda to your meeting
          — Ask community leaders in attendance to ask attendees for support
          — Follow guidance on P27-8 in workbook

Step 3: How to organize the club (Listen to good guidance by Kiwanians)

– Introduce the club counselor and role with team
– Plan two pre-organizational meetings
– Determine a club type
– Use guidance in workbook (p 31-4) for pre-organizational meetings

– Plan Organizational meeting:

          — Choose the club’s official name
          — Set amount for annual dues
          — Approve club bylaws
          — Elect officers and board members
          — Choose date for charter banquet

– First Official Board Meeting

          — Normally held immediately after organizational meeting

          — Report new club opening to Kiwanis International within 24 hrs using the New Club Information Sheet (p 102)

          — Adapt agenda provided (p 41-3) in workbook

– Charter Paper Work

          — Permanent Organization Roster
          — Standard Form Club Bylaws
          — Charter Member Fees
          — (Optional) recognition awards

– The Formula Workbooks for new-club builders and club counselors

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