History of the Texas-Oklahoma District of Kiwanis International

The first Kiwanis Club in what is now the Texas-Oklahoma District, was officially completed February 10, 1917, at Dallas, Texas, with a membership of 200. The charter was presented on March 28, 1918. Records indicate Dr. J. L. Holloway was the first President, with H. L. Kelley as Secretary. It is not intended to glorify the Dallas Club (00029), but being the first club west of the Mississippi, with the exception of St. Louis, its formation was very important event in Kiwanis history, as subsequent events proved.

The second club in the district was officially completed on April 25,1918, at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (00087), with charter membership of 200. The charter was presented by Orville Thorpe, of Dallas. First President was Edward Howell; first Secretary was Howard T. Deupree.

The third club in the district was Tulsa, Oklahoma (00124), completed June7, 1918, with a charter membership of 150. The charter was officially presented to the club January 13, 1919, by Joe A. Garrety, of Dallas. The first President was John R. Woodward; the first Secretary was W. B. Miller.

Due to the increasing number of clubs across the country, and realizing the value of district organization be set up. In October 1918, the Kiwanis Club of Dallas selected one of its members to serve as interim Governor of the Texas-Oklahoma District until an organization conference would be arranged. The first meeting was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and on February 10, 1919, the Texas-Oklahoma District was organized. Joe Garrety of the Dallas club, who was selected for the interim organization, was elected Governor.

In his capacity as International Secretary. Sam Cummings conducted the official organization meeting. His recommendation that the clubs of the States of Texas and Oklahoma be combined to form the Texas-Oklahoma District, was confirmed at this meeting.

The first district convention was held on September 1-2, 1919 in Fort Worth, Texas and has been held annually at various locations around the two states.

Structure and Leadership

The officers of the district are the Governor, Governor-elect, Immediate Past Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Lieutenant Governor for each division and a Trustee for each region of the district.

District Map-Labeled

The district is organized into 10 Regions made up of 35 divisions.

REGION 1 = DIVISION 1, 2, 39
REGION 2 = DIVISION 3, 9, 10, 28
REGION 3 = DIVISION 4, 5, 6, 11
REGION 4 = DIVISION 7, 17, 18, 33
REGION 5 = DIVISION 8, 20, 32
REGION 6 = DIVISION 12, 22, 35
REGION 7 = DIVISION 13, 14, 26, 34
REGION 8 = DIVISION 16, 25, 31
REGION 9 = DIVISION 19, 21, 30, 40
REGION 10 = DIVISION 23, 24, 38