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This section updated October 2021

2021 Booklets
2021 Fundraising Booklet

This booklet details some of the ins and outs of fundraising. It includes ideas and methods your club can take to strengthen your fundraising planning.

2021 Fundraisers Booklet

This booklet lists fundraiser ideas. All fundraising ideas are categorized into two main groups, in-person and not in-person. Every image under a fundraiser idea redirects you to additional related content pertaining to that idea.

If you are very interested in one of these ideas but need additional details to get started email us at txokkiwanis@gmail.com.

Post Pandemic Club Assessment – NEW

Information on Corporate Memberships – NEW (each club in the district gets a package of documents and decals to support their Corporate Membership Program. Contact mkregel@hotmail.com for information)

Rediscovering Your Community

Club Opening Instructions for Sponsoring Club

Club Coach Guide for New Clubs

Club Coach Guide for Existing Clubs

District Post Cards for Halloween Bags or for Event Tables – Print and cut out

Site Survey for Establishing New Clubs or Helping Existing Clubs

Sample Membership Blitz Letter to be mailed or delivered to prospective members and businesses

Ad for Neighborhood or Nextdoor app (for announcing new Kiwanis Club)

Corporate Invoice Charter Member

Corporate-Invoice-New Member

Email to Community Leaders

New Club Information Sheet

New Member Application (You can request the application cards from the district membership chair or print this pdf file and use it)

One Minute Speech

Referral Card

Roster Analysis