The DAILY SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES (except for the spouse tours) is available as a Google doc file. Click on the button below to open in a new window.


  • Governor-elect Bobby Quinten will help your club grow and be able to provide more service.
  • Brad Boyd, Kiwanis International Central Area Director, will be bringing all of his Kiwanis goodness and enthusiasm on how to make your club and member experience more impactful. Brad will be helping with Lt. Governor training and giving presentations during the membership forums. We are so excited to have him join us this year!

We will be focused on 8 main topics at our convention workshops this year. We will bring in
multiple speakers to share their knowledge. The topics are:

  • Serve Those with Special Needs
  • Build, Nurture, and Retain for Membership Growth
  • Make a Global Impact
  • Sponsor a Powerful Service Leadership Program
  • Raise Funds and Be Good Stewards
  • Find a Need and Fill It in Service
  • Increase Your Brand Visibility
  • Be Safe and Be Ready At All Times

Workshops will be repeated so if you miss a speaker one day you can catch them the next.
Sessions will be 90 minutes with multiple speakers with a short break after 40 minutes before the next session begins.