Club Websites

Club Websites

All clubs are eligible for a FREE website hosted by Kiwanis International. The platform for the new website is WordPress.

To begin the process, a club webmaster or contact person must submit the application to Kiwanis International found HERE.

Please note the following:

  • If your club has a website and is satisfied with it, there is no need to make any change unless the club so desires.
  • If you own a custom URL like, you can set it to forward to your new club website.
  • While Kiwanis International will be providing the basic framework for a club website, neither Kiwanis International nor the T-O District will provide the content for that page.  The club must have a member or members assign administrator(s) to manage the club website content.
  • Tutorials are available on how to utilize WordPress at

Please contact John Cano for any questions regarding the club websites.